I Don't Give a Damn

MC Ren

Who wanna step into the room?
Where that nigga Ren be at, makin' shit that's phat
'Cause in '95 I gotta hustle for yo ass
Droppin' shit like in the past
Rated double X, you in trouble when I hex
Niggaz that be actin' like hoes of the opposite sex
'Cause fool I'm a soldier with a regiment
10,000 niggaz marchin' to your residence
Fuck the president and his red, white, and blue
I never leave a clue with the shit that I do
Sport the black 80, creepin' with the flashlight
Comin' with this phat shit just last night
The mad scientist from the center of the Earth
Droppin' crazy shit whenever I drop a verse
Niggaz in a rage, wanna see me in a cage
But um, I cocked the gauge when the ink hits the page
Fuck a grammy show and your mammy so now
What the fuck ya gonna do when I bust out the zoo
'Cause ya don't know really who you're fuckin' with
You're fuckin' with the nigga Ren with the phat shit
And I don't give a damn

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn
And I don't give a damn

Three strikes for who? A nigga fallin' in the trap
What can I do to keep from fallin' off the map?
I ain't your everyday nigga just with a rhyme
I'll give ya that I don't give a fuck frame of mind
Make ya wanna shoot the police in the back
I'm crazy like Hady, 'cause devils be shady
The great elephant nigga hangin' on box
A buffalo soldier without the dreadlocks
I don't give a damn, I created this shit
With the real niggaz way back in '87
Niggaz walkin' on my footprints in nine five
Fools hit 'em foul, can't hit a line drive
So get the hell away from my throne or a zone
My b-boy stance and shit is kinda full grown
Fuck the police 'cause I still feel the same
And fuck a lotta niggaz bein' whack at the game
I don't give a damn


Who be talkin' shit about the great elephant?
Ren be bustin' raps, niggaz bustin' caps
The bitch made nigga killa, that's who I be
When bitch made niggaz come and try
Be a politician kidnapp, who gives a fuck about 'em
Nigga never gave a fuck, I can live without 'em
Niggaz wanna journey down the black brick road
They can see me changin' in an I don't give a fuck mode
Then I explode, better hide your neck
Ya new whack niggaz never get my respect
Then center of the Earth is where I dwell
Your shit never sell, I got 'cha trippin' in a livin' hell
So back the fuck out my way, that's what I'm sayin'
'Cause I'll be havin' hypocrite niggaz balls hangin'
And othe bitch niggaz, be go lickin' 'em
But Ren just keep on pickin' 'em and slam
'Cause I don't give a God damn