The Dialogue (featuring Ill Bill)

MC Lars

One night, backstage at Irving Plaza at a Madball show

[Lars:] Hey yo Ill Bill - will you sign this for me?
I found it at Amoeba it's the Green CD
[Bill:] No doubt kid, what's your name?
[Lars:] It's MC Lars
[Bill:] Word, Howie Abrams is a mutual friend of ours
He played me your joint Lars... What'd you think of it?
[Bill:] I think it's bugged out, it's hot
[Lars:] Thanks, I like your last record a lot. Your lyrics are
Graphic, much like your brother Necro, is he psycho?
[Bill:] I don't know, it really depends though
He's Psychological, half psycho, half logical,
Half businessman, half put-them-in-the-hospital
[Lars:] Business and art, there's a very fine line
There's the person that you are
And the person when you rhyme
But the best MC's bring both intertwined
[Bill:] I agree, that's when the best of both worlds collide
When the realness pops off one time for your mind,
And your words cause the people in the crowd to riot

As many places I've been. As many people I've met
As many haters I've dissed. There's people that I respect
As many times as I've failed. As many times as I've won
As many lives as I touch. The dialogue has begun

[Bill:] I grew up on heavy metal and hip-hop
The energy was the same to me, it was insane to me
It made me want to rage against the machine
Pick up a guitar and scream into the mic like Run-DMC
[Lars:] Nine Inch Nails, Primus, "Weird Al," and King Missile
Influenced me like a postmodern epistle
Geeked out on my Performa looping digital drums
Playing rock guitar in punk bands just for fun
Who's your favorite rapper? Bill... Rakim, G Rap and Kane
KRS, EPMD, NWA, Public Enemy, Shante and LL Cool J
I could keep naming MC's all day,
What type of metal stuff you listen to?
[Lars:] Old school Slayer CD's, Biohazard and
Bile were the bands for me
The first time that I ever heard Chuck D
Was the Anthrax CD, "Attack of the Killer B's"... chorus!

[Lars:] So Bill, what's your take on censorship?
Politicians on a church/state fusion tip?
[Bill:] I speaks my mind while kids I went to high school with
Bleed on the sands of Kabul hit, it's bullshit,
Lars what you think of it?
[Lars:] Out in Iraq, a lack of dialogue
Between the people is whack!
[Bill:] In fact I speak militant like Black Panthers
These gas prices got my people
With seeds having to gank pampers
[Lars:] The answer is not plutocracy.
The answers is not hypocrisy,
The answers is true democracy
[Bill:] The answer is the dialogue constantly


[Lars:] Hey yo Bill, we should do a track together
[Bill:] Word, word, let's do that
[Lars:] Wait, we just did