Romantic Cheapskate

MC Frontalot

i'll read you poetry i'll tell you what I know to be true

i'll make a sentimental observation about the moon

i'll kiss you so that you could think that kisses are sublime

but i won't spend a penny 'cause

all that you're worth is my time

i got this relationship with songfight we go way back

and we never broke up but months'll go by when I don't call back

and songfight's on my answering machine crying, drunk on a weeknight

begging me just to sneak by

i keep bypassing the fashionable titles,

unbridling beats this thick plus dope recital

only once per blue moon, coincidental with a typhoon

of votes in my favor and doom

for any rival of romantic intent

no matter how I treat her songfight loves me best

even though I never once took her someplace nice

all i ever gotta do is look her deep in the eyes

open up the trap, let the romance flow

and mc frontalot has got her good to go

i come from the old school of the song fight where you must win

it wasn't polite back then to talk about what band who's in

just get in the ring and it had better sound a little

like you know how to sing

or else what you wasting my time for?

i don't get like "free internet"

my bandwidth's limited

i mean in steaddd of this, I could be fishing for pr0ns

with my dick out. all kinds of opportunities stick out

in my mind when I consider not clicking

this list of your lame ass eight times cause you're that tricky

and nobody knocks twice for these songs you tape

except by mistake, and hit escape

then again I love every single worthless last one of you

you're like a bottomless drain for my invective to funnel through

and you can call her every week, you won't win the heart

songfight was frontalot's (when?) from the start

now for the rest of you song fight types up long nights

trying to get the solo right, hope somebody on the boards is nice

holds your hand, says it's okay that front always wi