Only God Can Judge Me


[Master P]

My military mind.. makes me a soldier

And I'm the last one left (last one left)

Ain't nuttin wrong wit change {I'm back nigga!}

(Ain't nuttin wrong wit change)

Ain't nuttin wrong wit makin moves

{I ain't hard to find, ya HEARD ME?}

You brought me from the dust to death (from dust to death)

So forget anybody, that don't believe in

(forget anybody that don't believe) {Fuck my adversaries!}

The words (the words) that you laid upon me (that you laid upon me)

And to my enemies (and to my enemies) and the media (the media)

the feds (and the feds) the IRS (and the IRS) fuck all y'all

{FUCK ALL Y'ALL!} This No Limit shit (this No Limit shit)

Dis TRU Master P shit (dis TRU Master P shit!)

is tatted in my soul (is tatted in my soul)

is placed in my heart (is placed in my heart)

and only you know the way (and only you know the way)

of the righteous man (of the righteous man)

And only you know how righteous we really are

(And only you know how righteous we really are)

Because of you {It's No Limit for life} we should eat

and the world should be satisfied we ain't hustlin no mo'

We ain't huntin no mo' (we ain't huntin no mo')

I'm a 3rd Ward nigga for life

(I'm a 3rd War nigga for life, ya heard me?!)

I only returned to this rap game {REPRESENT!}

to just (to just) on the evil disciples

(on the evil disciples)

They got lucky in this rap game

(They got lucky in this rap game)

Now they wanna destroy our ghetto kingdom

(Now they wanna destroy our ghetto kingdom)

Be not far from me

for the trouble is near (the trouble is near)

The roaring lions has surrounded me {IT DON'T MATTER}

Turned my friends into enemies (turned my friends into enemy)

My family members into.. money hungry snakes

but the bull in me will never give up (THE BULL IN ME)

Even though the intents of evil is against me

(Even though the intents of evil is against me)

But uhh, the Lord is my Shepherd (the Lord

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