Do What You Do

Martina McBride

Slow down, that's right
Give it all you got
Yeah, you got the right stuff
Kick back, let go
Trust yourself to know
Yeah what you got is good enough

Hey, don't give them what they think they want
'Cause they don't have a clue
Yeah, if you really wanna give 'em something different
Something to sink their teeth into
Well baby, then you just do what you do

All eyes, were on Alice
They laughed and made her cry
Yeah she was a little different
But, hey you know what?
She found a way to fly
You see Alice, she got her strength from the inside


The cost of living just went up today
(As) soon as you started doing things your way
You'll be shaking 'em off your coattails from every side
They'll be trying to catch that free ride


Do what you do, yeah
Do what you do
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah...

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