I Wasn't Ready

Marques Houston

Oh, oh, oh I wasnt ready,
Oh, oh, oh, I wasnt ready,
Oh, I wasnt ready,
Oh, I wasnt ready,

1st Verse:
When you talked about our future, you would nod your head and smile,
But I didnt understand it, I was living in denial,
I couldnt see the picture (picture),
Didnt want to see it clearer, cause i was so young,
And now that I can get ya (get ya),
Wanted to be wit ya, what have I become.

If this is a game that I've been playing girl,
I wasnt ready,
I never gave you my all when I had your trust,
I wasnt ready,
But I put this on everything I love, one more chance and we can make up,
I wish it could have worked back then, but the truth is,
I wasnt ready.

2nd Verse
Mamma told me bout excuses, she'd say they're no use to say
What you would have done but didnt, I had to learn the hard way,
Now that its over (over)
I wanted to just hold you, but I know i cant,
Im trying to be a soldier (soldier),
I want to do it over, give me one more chance.


3rd Verse
Can I get a redo baby, cause you know I need you baby,
And now we're ready for your love, your love,
I just wanna see you baby, just wanna smell and breathe you baby,
Cause I hate what we've become, I wasnt ready for love.

Rap (Rufus Blaq)
I waited, I contemplated, and then I did it,
It was room for relationship, but pretty had to hit it,
We like hand and glove, (head to a yankee fitted),
Game is obsolete, its all how you spit it,
(better yet listen), cause carlos a true avenger,
Sort of like a ninja or a king in all his splendor,
(Remember, love can be as cold as december),
Unless its in its truest form, I could never injure,
(Your heart), break you or make you see my vision,
Cause I know eventually you'll see my vision by the way I'm livin,
(And it's a given),
I'm giving you my heart, I'm giving you my soul, I'm giving you my gold,
I'm sorry for the dirt that I did,
(Sneaking broads in and out the crib),
The double life that I lived,
They say a fool sells dreams, but a man makes dreams come true,
Mami, I changed all for the love of you,
I wasnt ready back then though.