12 O'Clock

Marques Houston

(Feat. Joe Budden)

[Marques talkin]
Its ya boi M.H.

[1st verse]
[Joe Budden]
Ok I got my madden name in check, outfit check. No need to iron, might need to iron. Put these jewels on, its likely they'll be ion. Ask mami dancin
beside me if see ridin, or what she sippin on. Mink got my fitted on. She something vivd on, we came to get it on. Came to get it on, drink in?
Everybody throw ya drink in tha air.

I stepped in da party like WOO. What's da deal wit it? Ain't no hands in da air unless its a drink wit it. Honeys lovin cus they know I rock da bells in here.
Thugs wit me cus they know I roll wit kells and dem. Then I spot mami shakin like a tamerine, wanna eat it just like a jelly bean, mamis giving me
all these nasty dreams, and I'm glad I brought my niggas to the right party.

Oo its 12 o'clock and we partyin'. Drinks in da club and now we all fucked up. Dj keeps spinnin da cut, ladies drop it like its hot cus we up in here
Whoo its 12 o'clock and we partyin, ain't no going home the doors is all locked up, don't nobody move ya body its a lockout so everybody join da party

[2nd Verse]
Stunt my chips, make dem hits and I can tell that yall love my shit and got my shirt off wit my tims on, here all nite so u know what's going on.
Mami shake it like a tamerine, wanna eat you just like a tangerine, mamis giving me all these nasty dreams, glad I brought my niggas to tha right party tonite.


[3rd Verse]
[Joe Budden]
No more excuses, now in the two doors exclusive and everything is all enclusive. We can do it all if my boys included. On da phone wit her friends invite
em all lets do this. Get things juciy its more than enough room in da jacuzzi for u to lose the feeling of a groupie. If you lose the feeling of a hoptie.
New kells playing feelin on yo booty. Keys to tha ferrari, leave in tha garage, starts wit a massage ends wit manarge. Ends in me gettin da skins of a
dabarge. Just cus she tellin her friends it was dabarge. 4 am gotta a babe on tha cell 5 am on my way to the tell. ?? 6 same thing different chick
excell mag perfect fit. Now to tha grizz lets go.

Baby showing me all these crazy things. Got me mettling on her bellyring. Bout to get into tha swing of things. She keep rubbing againist my swinga
thing. We up in tha otha room so hot. Shortys about to take off that pink tank top. All I wanna say is shorty drop it like its hot
(drop it like its hot, drop it like its hot)