Right Now


The last time I spoke to her

She couldn't talk to me

The script she read was very strange

But who did she see

A few lines from a bad dream

A frozen memory

Darkness remains the fate

Of such...illusion

Can you not wait

On what...can...be

Who was it cast the mold

The girl that I once knew

Such a carefully chosen pose

But what will the emptiness do

One of my best friends took her down

With his games for sure

Hearts made of stone

Cannot break again

I hope he understands

I hope he is secure

Old fashioned feelings

The new way of dealing

With love I see

These time were meant for me

No no no no no...

The past isn't anymore

The future only has in store

And round and round and round it goes

And where it stops nobody knows

As far as I can tell

The only game in town is going down

And only happens

In the right now