Can You Dig It

Lordz Of Brooklyn

[Verse One]
Like an elevated train I'm so high and I'm lifted
I speak upon the slang yo I guess I'm only good for the gifted
Splifted put it a rhyme
Now pass it on down lemme sing upon the rhyme
You're lost up in the cloud from the Rhyme that I smoked
Burned by the style of the verse that I toked
Just took a few seconds to check it out
Now you're tellin' all your motherfuckers what's it all about
I remember them dudes on tour last year
I remember them dudes when they didn't have a deal
I heard through the grape they're some bad motherfuckers
This one goes out to the pigs undercover

Can you dig it?
I knew that you could!
Can you dig it?
I knew that you would!
Can you dig it?
You knew that you should!
Can you dig it?

[Verse Two]
Check the way I flow without an afro
I'm a raw cult classic like that ol' movie "Joe"
Got ya rockin' n' rollin' in your blue suede shoes
It's the Mojo Rider trippin' on the shrooms
Strictly psychedelic I ain't Funkadelic
It's the Lordz of Brooklyn been around like a relic
Like Janis Joplin I'm a sing my song
And party all night to the break of dawn
I want my name in lights and my days in the sun
Playin' MTV and bein' number one
So lemme freak it come on and freak it
With the money man pump it up lemme speak it


[Verse Three]
Like a roller coaster ride yo I make 'em bump
Like a Cadillac Seville when you're stuffed in my trunk
Comin' from the Gelston Gheeto I'm heavy like the metal
I know you're gonna dig it so push up on the level
And sit your ass down and listen to the wizard
Crazy like the train in Ozzy Osborne's blizzard
Cause I'm rollin' like the Stones groupies on tour
Bangin' down the beers til my head hit the floor
Yo the price of fame I love the rock 'n roll
Come on and dig it if you got that soul