Haunted Town


She's a thorn - like a spike

but i just cannot brush her aside

she holds her hands up high - with quiver in fingers

watch her gringe - afraid of my might

strapped down in a chair-

blinded by the headlights

she might feel a bit scarified - it's the ultimate stinger


lets skip the limbo and cut to the chase

let's light up your wire

Fire in the hole

I gotta blow you up inside baby

fire in the hole

i'm gonna make you my blazing lady

fire in the hole

theres a sound - i dont like

pounding at the door when

i'm pumped up and psyched

so few could understand the way that i show my lovin'

hold it back - for a while

we have to getr the timing just right

gotta let the -OH!-

gate-crashers in just when we're starting to crackle

so burn with me baby

let's blow up the night

lighting up the wire

fire in the hole

the fuse is lit and we're ready to go

fire in the hole

locked and loaded and about to blow