featuring Kazi God's Gift Declaime Oh No Medaphoar

*radio skipping*

Episode #1: Kazi & Madlib


I'm down with all the illest ain't no crabs all around me

So put your head together you still couldn't find me

Where I be and how I live is ill


Hey yo niggas always talkin' bout there shit is real

"I gotta flex with a Lex in my video"

That's what half of these rappers be thinking in every city, yo


Yeah, you wanna fight don't ya, you wanna bite don't ya?

The involvement of a new coast is here

To take your soul, rearrange it with flows

You're unknown, come across our line, you get blown

Too many bids, ain't no puttin' together

Restorin' your body parts, leaving the rest for whatever


You talking bout you wanna freestyle, you wanna flow

But your flow be like oil and water, it don't mix

And you don't even know you're waiting for your rhyme fix

But my mind sticks, my rhyme hits, your mind gets

Amputated, cuz your style ain't even Hip Hop related



This be the Kazi, my niggas call me Kaz

How does it feel to be mixed up and lost?

First of all, you shouldn't have bit the next rapper

Now your mind's confused, you lose, talkin' bout you paid dues


Slay crews, when you ain't even at phase two

Talking about take two? You only get one take

Yo, my boys just run fakes, run ya out of my estates

Plus they just might take ya papes, plus you won't remember no plates

So don't have no mistakes, steppin' over this way