Lisa Marie Presley

One day well on one tombstone
All our names should go
We shared a life
The beauty and the ugliness
Through all we've been and with
The birth of a child

Thanks for throwing me the line when I've lost sight of it
You're the only reason I can exhale
And now, suddenly, oh, when I find that the outcome's just not right
From what I just did
You're the only thing I can breathe through

You're heaven, my sweet friends, a few lines of poetry
It may be laughable, but thanks for laughing with me
Yes, and the next time I wrap myself around a tree
And I know that you'll be there with bells on
Yeah, to pull me off


And you can tell me a story I've heard before
I was such a motherfucker then
And you didn't tell me where to go

(Chorus x2)