Lionel Richie

i just want to tell you
all the things you are
and all the things you mean to me
when i find myself and even there's no place to go
when i feel the lonelyness inside my hart

you're the answer to my prares
when you with me everywhere
your my angel , miracle
your all i need tonight
give me schelter from the rain
your bringing live in me again
your my angel , miracle
your all i need to know , tonight

life is just a moment
we're blowing in the wind
and try to find a friend
and only time can tell us
if you're here or with me lose
and who bestand beside us

when the darkness all around me youre the light i see
when i need someone to clear my trouble mind


oooooooooh your my angel


your all i need to know
oooooooooh your my angel
my angel