Tonites Tha Night

Kris Kross

Tonite's Tha NightKris KrossAlbum: Young, Rich and DangerousShhhhhhhhhKris Kross........... 9 to 5yeah...........Who gotcha open, scopin' out tha trackIt's no other than the sounds of the Daddy MacStill slackin' back-packin' up my turfCause after me was a factor real worse at the worstStompin', jumpin' wanna-be'sBut ever however there's only one M-A-C-say what-Me and Daddy for the big picture Ways of gettin' richer, Mister quick to hit your sisterI'm rollin' in the Green County all chromeI sling brothers on the deck on my cellular phoneI'm just loungin', leather, sound all aroundAnd a dip on the other end wanna put me downNow no hesitation I hops to itSee it ain't easy bein' a Mac but somebody gotta do itTrue, it's usually not represented rightBut I'm the M-A-C-D-A-double D-Y and tonight's tha night1-Please, my whole crew makes G's Tonight's tha night, baby, so blow up on these Tonight, tonight' is tha night(repeat 1)Tonight's tha night I call up all the girls I used to go to school with, Fool with, and all the Niggas that I'm cool withLet 'em all know that my mom is gone And it will be tomorrow before she comes back homeDing-dong it's on, Nigga say no moreI'm with a truck full of women so just open tha doorCause, yo, we came here to partyGitty crunk, get drunk and leave your house with somebodyTrue, that some homies don't bring your main misses Cause it's real deal mackin' when it comes to the Chris'sAnd this could be your very last time seein' herOne look at me and you better believe that I be ge'in' herSo come along or don't come at all -why-Cause it's real big pimpin' at this playa's ballTrue, it's usually not represented rightBut with me it's all to the G and tonight's tha night(rpt 1, 1)Source: Edward J Knittel