Lights are flashing down the alleys the reaper has arrived

The medieval brutality is still alive

The death machines of one hundred countries are ready to strike

No remorse no mercy only hate is in their eyes

Satan and his legions will be their guides

He'll make the world a slave to his hellish might

Reaching out for your life

The world is prepared to die

Death will fall from the sky

And the reaper will arrive

Open your eyes if you can and see everything burn

Zombies will come out of their graves to see the corpses turn

The world is at an end and there is no return

Don't try to run or escape the final death

Death is a part of your life you should be glad

Black rain is falling down and the moon is turning red

Hear the sound of bombs as they fall

Don't cry you'll die so crawl

Fear the next day if you survive

'cause there ain't no place for new life

No escape nothing there no way out to save your life

The strong and weak all will fall prepare yourself to die

Screams of despair screams of pain you hear it everywhere

Wait for god if there is one but even he doesn't care