Kirsty Hawkshaw

She's travelling

Past darwin

125 miles an hour

The weather man has warned us well

There's been a lot of pressure building

The clouds are dark and static

From the silence you might never tell

But we're in for a drama


Tearing down the city

Like a savage

She's a sci-clone

Dust for clothing

Life for baggage

Stay underground

Safe and sound

But if I feel like running

Best you stay out of my way

She will tear off the roof above your bed

Drag you out of your head

And if I feel like crying

Best if you stay within your depth

She will turn your boat over

Let the storm die down instead

Careless woman

She's a careless woman

She's travelling

Past forever

Sympathy will not tame her

The weather man got blown away

Couldn't take the pressure

Sucked in by a fanatic

All that science but to no avail

Never can predict a


Tearing down the highway

Screaming thunder

She's a sci-clone

Breaking out the spell

You put her under

So if I feel

So if I feel




Sci-clone Cont...

You confronted me

There was no way else to go

You regressed me

Now there's nothing left to know

I'm ready now

To face the force inside the shell

I'm ready now

To break out of this spell