Urbanauthentic Soldier


I'll strangle you with you blood vessels surrounding your tissues, come to your funeral to do it again and make it officail,
I know whats on the menu but you don't want beef with me, I'll come with you to prison so I can beat your ass legally,
They find it inconclusive, although they found your spinal fluid and enough of you brains to fit in a glue stick,
This situation getting a little dramatic, you posting whack flows, with your weak newbie tactics,
When we come through it's similar to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, You heard now see if you can stop me,
I like to use food in my rhyme scheme, so think about my shotgun turning your kidneys into collard greens,
I'm devoting my time proportions to scorching your organs,
I'm all about cremation and holocaustal events, I'll give you a vest to test your lyrical defense,
I mold my gats with crystals, similar to World War I so gentlemen hold your pistol's,
I see you, coming through with your new shoes, you can get two through your FUBU,
My gun is never in the truck it's always on my waist, and if I was to go to the car it's to run-over your face, they know you dead cuz your eyes are closed or maybe it's just those 4 to 5 holes thats consuming the space.