This one goes out to all the people into pop

To the Frankies going to Hollywood

Please wake me up before you go-go

Cause there´s something I wanna know

Did Mark King reach Level 43?

Did Boy George date Terence Trent D´Arby?

I heard the guys in Bros. are sisters

Like the girls in Mr. Mister

Whatever happened to the 80´s?

Thank god, Rick Astley gave us up

When will the Scorpions break up?

Next time you think about going retro

This is what you ought to know

A Sam Fox comeback and a Crowded House

These are the things I can do without

Mr. Hutchence is no longer INXS

Cause revivals have no class

I wanna know, I wanna, I wanna know, I wanna,...

Whatever happened to the 80´s?

I wanna know

Where did they go-go?