Classic Rock

Kid Rock

Well guess whos back, with a big fat cock

Its the Kid motherfucker with the Classic Rock

Like Wax That Booty, yodeleyeho, punk

Slappin you hoes with Dick when I get drunk

From Alabama, to Texacana

Bend over bitch and let me slam her

Big fat dick up in your booty, oh goody

If your a freaky hoe, well do the backdoor boody


Dont need your front

You'de shit your pants if I licked your cunt

Fuckin in the can, fuckin in the showers

I got more hoes then my man Ed Powers

I wont send flowers at the fuckin (???)

You can bet your ass I'll be screaming (???)

I dont really need to be tied down

Im a rancid man and I'll slap the bells

When I was on the hunt rippin hoes apart

And I fuck so hard I make their pussy fart

Do the hip-hip-hop yep it dont stop

Im back, bitch, with the Classic Rock


Now if you wanna be fucked then step up, bitch

Im gonna pack my dick all up in your shit

Now I dont like rubbers, they hold me back

Instead a hoe like (???) would rock that back

I wont cut slack for the stuck up hoes

Here, my prime turn up their nose

Slimmy on a slit, try to tell me how to shake

An' when I trop my drawers and shove up my dick

Huh, you know thats true

I got a pocket full of pills and a bottle of brew

Got a hole Nig Sue in one dang pants

Fucked em both at the same time

Playin shows, fuckin hoes

Got the dope in my veins and up my nose

I want some hoes I can mack on

Kid Rock, an' I get more pussy then a tamp-on

Kid, to the clip, to the grip, to the flip

Stood back, to the slap, to my nuts in your butt

Yeah dont stop, because Im back with the Classic Rock

You put my balls in your mouth, and you dont stop

You put my balls in your mouth