First Base

Kel Mauri

Had to replace her vape with a backwood, I don′t mind if she stay my nigga
The pussy was that good (It was)
Cash low, masked up, wearing a black hood (Black)Bouncing back from the last L I took, was tired but I still stood (Tired)
We picking up the pace, Henny with no chaser, tingles all in my face
Chest feeling hot, somebody let off shots, the party looked like a race (Looking like it)
Entered the game but I'm barely sitting on first base (Yea)
Becoming somebody you can′t easily replace, not the type to ever lose faith (To ever)
Detour two niggas thanks for the wait (Detour)
She said she independent (Indie)
She from Independence, her brother just got sentenced (Yea)
Father and mother finished, I'm thinking this a lot of info when we've only known each Other for a couple minutes (What)
Said she feels lonely, I start to comprehend it (Lonely)
Sitting in this room you can feel the tension, we don′t play no gimmicks (I got)
Blisters on hands from jumping over fences, fuck the cops (Fuck em)
I′m a scream that till I'm finished
Head still spinning like some fidgets (Yea)
I′ve seen families get torn apart like tendons nigga (It's fucked up)

The mic still on?

Yea (Yea)
Aware keeping my mind open (Aware)
Only looking forward cause backwards is still a motion (It is)
Sipping potion, the motion is wavy like the ocean (Wavy)
Niggas getting dropped everyday the reason why we toting (Brrt)
Feeling broken, just haven′t been showing much emotion
Speakers blasting all day, I'm a need some ibuprofen (I need it)
Didn′t want to do molly she ended up taking both of them (Both)
Five minutes later she was trying to bust it open (Woo)
Oh man
Clean you up like a store that's closing
Getting money while y'all too busy social media quoting (Yea)
I′m hoping to gain devotion, I′ve spoken to God feeling like I'm chosen (Feelin like)
Don really customize a lot of my clothing (FD)
Smoking loud got me evoking, I′m approaching chances in life staying open
I need a money bath I can just soak in (Yea)
Like right now (Right now)
I can't wait for it (I can′t)

I can't wait for it
Better days, I just pray for em
Money stacking, I′m layin em
I'm just tryna change for I
I wanna change for you
It's best if I change for me
Maybe change for the us

She trying to keep me on delivered, it makes her feel like the shit (Yea)
But jokes on her, she already hopped on my dick (Oh)
Son of a dickhead, I ain′t son of a bitch
There′s thirty up in this clip (Brrrt)
Bout to go smoke up a zip (Yea)
I'm too bothered to even feel bothered by shit (Too bothered)
This wasn′t part of the script, but not a single chapter got skipped nigga
Gat at my waist the reason why I limp (Yea)
Windows five percent
Treat a Honda like Tokyo drift (Skrt)
Going away for good time he had a Glock that could switch (Brrt)
Hit the club, bring like five for the strip
Sell the fiends some shit to get me by for the rent

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