Can It Be

Keith Sweat

Daddy do it like you use to do it

Aight man

10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6 5 4 3 2 1

Excuse me girl (oh yeah boy)

But I don't mean to front you for words

But your big brown eyes and those pretty round thighs

Has gotten me wanting you (oh girl)

(Do you want me?)

Now I know this is our first time meeting

Wanna know (oh girl)

But I've been thinking for awhile (I've been thinking)

Cause I love your pretty smile

That it could be (ohhh) all about us (all about us)

(oh baby)

Can it be (can this be)

Can it be (oh can it be)

All about me and you (all about you)

Can it be (can it be) (oh can it be)

All about me and you (all about us)

Now I know that it hasn't been long, oh baby girl (I've been known)

See I can see in your eyes (i can see in) oh yes i can

And I don't care about your past girl

I just want to make it last

I'm kinda feeling (girl) your style

Oh girl, cause I love your pretty lips

Love your sexy hips

Love the way you look

Girl you got me shook

Love the way you smile

Girl you drive me wild

Love the way you walk

Love the way you talk

I've been thinking (ohhhhh boy)

It could be me and you and me

Forever (forever)

Oh yeah (oh yeah)

Oh yeah baby (oh yeah)

Can it be (can it be boy)

Can it be (can it be)

All about me and you (all about me and you)

Not for one night baby

Can it be (can it be)

Forever and ever girl

All about me and you (all about you)

I'm not talkin girl

Oh yeah yeah yeah (ohhhhhhhh boy) yeah yeah

Just one night of love (one night of love) (ohhhhh)

What I'm talking bout (what are you talking bout?)

Someone who'll be there (be there for me)

Will you be?

Can it be (can it be baby)

Can it be (can it be)

Can it be


Listen girl

Tell me boy

See we were at th club (club)

You were at the bar (I was at the bar)

I hit on you, you jump into my car (no car)

Come to my crib, turned down t