Soldier Story

Kane And Able

All he want to be a No Limit soldier
All he want to be a soldier a soldier
All he want to be a No Limit soldier
All he want to be a soldier like me
All he want to be a soldier a soldier
All he want to be a soldier like me
A soldier a soldier
A soldier a soldier

Crack done took apart my family tree
My mama's on the shit
My daddy splitting
Mom's steady blaming me
Is it my fault just because i'm a young black male
The feds swept me as if kane and abel making crack sales
Only 15 and got problems
Cops on my tail so i bail til I dodge em
They finally pulled me over and I laughed
Remember rodney king and I blast on they punk ass
Now I got a murder case
You say your from the ghetto bitch you never heard a place
Trying to make some cash got a uz and a black mask
Drop the fucking task
Down goes the jack ass
Keep my shit cocked cause the cops got a glock too
What the fuck would you do?
Drop them or let em drop you
I chose dropping the cop
I got me a glock and some glocks for them niggas on my block
Mama tried to stab me I moved out
Stole a couple keys
Made g's
Bought a new house
Only 17 i'm the new king
Got me a crew hell a jewels and a uzi
But all good things don't last
Task came fast
Busted my black ass
I'm chilling in the pen facing life or death
Now my little brother wants to follow in my footsteps


Buck buck
Niggas get touched don't step to this
Represent my set with this tech on a death wish
Tell em come and test
And the rest it gets hectic
Making you a speck and busters gotta exit
Walking throught the streets selling this crack shit
Packing several gats cause i'm on some pay him back shit
Niggas don't wanna try me
Bitch you'll get shot down
Now i'm packing a glock since my twin brother's locked down
I'm hot now
So many crooked cops had got shot down
5-o see me on the block and they chalk now
That's what I call a high roller
Send my brother what he needs and some weed to angola
Tell him just be ready set
Pack yo' shit up quick and when I hit be prepared to jet
Nigga from the block down to roll nigga
Every single one got a gun
Now i'm smoked nigga
These hoes about to get hit by the best
I'm wearing double vests
So aim at my fucking chest
I be making straight head shots
Touch the button on the wall you gone feel it when yo' face pop
I can still hear my mother's shout
Hit the pen abel
Break your brother kane out
I got a message for the warden
I'm coming for your ass as fast as flash gordon
We get surrounded in the mess hall
Yes y'all
A crazy motherfucker making death calls
Just bring my brother kane and we leaning
For every minute you start one of y'all bleeding
They brought my brother with a quickness
I kidnapped the cop ready for the sickness
And just as we were walking out
I caught a bullet in the head
The screams never left my mouth
My brother caught a bullet too
I think he gone pull through
He deserve to
The fast life ain't everything they told ya'
Never get much older
Follow in the tracks of a soldier