Tales From The Crack Side

K Solo

Tales From The Crack Side

Tales From The Crack Side

Tales From The Crack Side

I woke up in the morning on a regular day

I knew my man named R would be around my way

I brushed my hair my teeth suddenly I washed my face

Then he came over my house with the drug base

He kept saying if I take one hit of a pipe

I write records to rhyme before the rest of the night

I said "R I don't do drugs, or drugs are whack"

And ain't that base drug like a drug, CRACK

He said no Solo, see base is the shit

Girls puff of base, and everybody does it

He left off quick and left me the base and the pipe

And I thought I write a record a rhyme, before I reach night

I said if that's true, but any case

I couldn't wait to write my record after I smoke the base

He left the crib, I heard the telephone

It was my mom telling to watch my sister 'till she gets home

I hung up the phone, with no time to waste

I put my sister in the kitchen so I could smoke the base

It had a funny taste but it didn't taste bad I felt hot

That's when I got my pen and pad

I wrote a rhyme it was funky

I broke in a race

'Cause the rhy that I wrote, tried to run off my page

I said, "Stop rhyme"

Then I grabbbed the rhyme and cut the rhyme

That I've seen running in my sight

I got a mind was happy when I thought the rhyme was dead

Some leaf swong and caught me square on the head

I fell on my floor and

The rhyme grabbed the knife

And cut my little sister

I thought it took her life

She fell on the floor, blood covered the rug

The rhyme was left and to my surprise I knew something was bugged

I got on the phone to call the cops, "what should I do?"