All The Things I Should Have Known

K-CI & JoJo


Ooo, baby, ooo baby girl, oOo Ooo...

If I had been there to wipe your tears

than no one else would be around

If I had been there to cradle your fears

We'd still be together now, now

Wish I could be there to share your dreams

I wish that I could still be down

But now you're gone and I'm here alone

And I sure do regret it, now, oh, yes I do, said, I really do, I'm missing you


Baby, I should've known

Should've cared just a little bit more

I shouldn't have listened to a word from the fellas

I shouldn't have let my sweetie go

Baby, I, I want you to know

If I could take it back, you know that I would

I'd give anything to get things back

Now that I know, all the thing

I should've known


Should've been there with my baby every night

Better kissing her and holding her so tight

How I wish that I could be with you right now

I'd give anything, just to see you smile, smile...

But I'm all alone and the 'should haves' and the words...

they won't bring you back and I'm the one to blame

I didn't know how to act or save the love....

and I do regret it now....

Repeat Chorus


I promise I won't ignore you

You'll never, never ever be alone

Lean on me as your shoulder...