Suddenly Theres A Valley

Julius La Rosa

Suddenly There's A ValleyArtist: Andy WilliamsWords and Music by Chuck Meyer and Biff JonesCharted in 1955 by Gogi Grant (#9), Jo Stafford (#13), Julius LaRosa (#20), the Mills Brothers (#45), and Patty Andrews (#69).When you've climbed the highest mountainWhen a cloud holds the sunshine inSuddenly there's a valleyWhere the earth knows peace with manWhen a storm hides the distant rainbowAnd you think you can't find a friendSuddenly there's a valleyWhere friendships never endTouched only by the seasonsSwept clean by the waving grainSurveyed by a happy bluebirdAnd kissed by the falling rainWhen you think there's no bright tomorrowAnd you feel you can't try againSuddenly there's a valleyWhere hope and love beginSuddenly there's a valleyTranscribed by Ronald E. [email protected]