I Am Crack


[Santana talking]
W-what is this, this sound like some graveyard s***
well that's what the f*** they gon need
cause I'mma bury these niggas this time around

[Verse 1]
Who better than me, you better than me
S*** you never will see if you dead and deceased
Keep two', lead, and the piece and I'm busting it off right
Leave a trail of smoke like a f***ing exhaust pipe
Took the coke up out the stash cause they know about the stash
Now I'm like swallow these dope up in the bags
Coke up in the bags, yeah sown up in the bags
I do my chicks like Ludacris blow it out your a**
I'm a mean pimp you know what I mean pimp
Four hoes on each strip all bringing me chips
Futuristic, so when I'm gon they gon have to do balistics
Just to prove I'm this sick
You n***as need to be spank by your mami
For ever thinking you'll be greater than I'll be
You get that short late waist pack money
I get that all straight a.s.a.p. money bring it here now!

[Chorus 2x]
Touch the coke, touch the pot, add the soda what you got ME!
I am what I am I be what I be and that you will see I AM CRACK!!

[Verse 2]
Who want it with I you want it with I
I'll shoot one of ya eyes
You'll lose one of ya eyes
I'll jam move and slump ya
Leave your body in ranch cuckamonga with ants moving under
My flows so in order I can turn soap and water to ocean water and float the border
You never will be what I forever will be
Your tombstone never will read we buried a G nope!!
I'm so mean and nice with the things I write
Jesus might say Jesus Christ
It's only rap so why yall trying to hold me back
Like yall ain't ask for to owe me back I'M HERE!
My peoples play and sling cocaine
More than Billy Blanco from Carliton's Way
So you can find me on the streets okay
With that big f***ing piece okay

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
Too dope for this but you won't admit
So my two's smoking spit make you choke on spit
You ever seen a man gag and gargle
Sound like a new born trying to ask for bottles
They like cut it out you slacking
But I bust it out in rapping
Can you name a n***a better without me busting out in laughing?
N***a you couldn't spit enough to get at me
I'll stretch ya for extracurricular activity
I'm more macing than grace is when I say s***
You should say amen after my name kid
Yes this is that of greatest
You should say amen after this statement

[Chorus 2x]