Game Recognize Game

Jt The Bigga Figga

featuring Mac Mall


(Mac Mall)

Game recognize game in tha bay mane (3x)

(JT Tha Bigga Figga)

Mac Mall and JT about to do they thang

(JT The Bigga Figga)

Bucked around and fucked around made another hit

Comin' again from the top about to tell ya about this shit

This shit that I'm poppin game is what I'm choppin

Never underestimate the mack when he rockin'

Cause me and Mac Mall standing tall for tha trey

On our way from tha Bay so what tha fuck you got to say

Game recognize game is tha way tha shit flow

Break tha beat down, smoke a dub and Get Low

Vicious as I come cause I come kinda vicious

Missing little snitches cause you know I'm about to spit this

Rhyme for tha number nine nigga

Grab your gat cock tha hammer back and pull tha trigger

Squatting in the buck buck cause I don't give a fuck

Puffin' on the blunt now ya know I'm kinda stuck

So when ya hear me goin' bust a move and Get Low

Recognize game cause your boy about to flow


(Mac Mall)

Game recognize game, in tha bay mane

And bitches jock for cash, this shit'll never change

So I maintain and always keep my gat on my lap

For tha simple fact the grind is low so niggas jack

But I can give a fuck about a P.H.

My clip pack thirty, so watch me decay

A captain save-a-hoe and watch him fall to the turf

And my cuddies gone beat him to a burst

Can't put him in a herse the trunk of a chevy let him squeeze

And them I'm going sess-ways throwing up tha ST's ST's SP's

I went to Frisco and smoked about a O

And now I'm in tha studio feelin' two-toed

Wit JT The Bigga Figga