To Be Alive Again


Doin' time...where it takes you
You know it's time that can break you
We get caught in the moment ...
Just sleepwalkin' most of our lives
In your mind (when you need it)
With a song (to help you believe it)
You can reinvent your world
Anytime you like

To be alive again...
Wakin' up from where you've been
Younger now than you were then
You're comin round again
Do you remember when...
Life was so much simplier then
Like summer nights that never end
To be alive again

Find the smile you've been missin'
There's someone that you could be kissin'
So open your eyes and you'll see
What's been there all along


To be alive again

You're not among the walkin' wounded anymore
There's a time to fall
There's a time to rise above it all


To be alive again
(To be alive again)

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