Rosie And Pauly

Joshua Kadison

Rosie and Pauly in the back alley...

The funniest twosome that you ever did see.

Standing on a trash can, Pauly talks.

If he ain't too drunk and his words are clear

He gives the prettiest sermon you ever did hear.

While Rosie wags her tail by the collection box.

When I'm low on inspiration

I go down and join the congregation.


Come on, Pauly, come and save my soul.

Everybody's tryin' but you never do know

And it sure feels good to say, "Amen".

Come on, Pauly, come and save my soul.

It's driving me crazy and I'm losing control

But you always help me get it back together again.

Neffertiti and the girls are there

Fanning themselves on Eddie's back stair.

Pauly always sets their souls on fire.

Movin' and shakin' and wavin' their hands,

Raisin' their voices to a far-away land,

They start in singing like a great big choir.

With harmonies that sound so sweet

You forget all about the trash beneath your feet.


Call him a Messiah,

Or just another clown,

But somethin' about

The Trash Can Prophet

Always leads me to a higher ground.