I Am

Jonny Lang

If being in love means waiting around

So you can dance with me

I am, I am

If being in love means follow the leader

Then this will have to be

I am, I am

I am, I am

Baby I am

So in love with you

I am, I am

Gonna get you baby

If it's the last thing I do

I used to think that a pretty face

Meant more than what was inside

I did, I did

If being a good man

means swallowing all my pride

I will, yes I will

Repeat chorus:

I am the one who loves you

I am the one who cares

You could fly me to the moon

If I would find you there

All the riches in this world mean nothing

Without you here

Whoever, whatever, however, whenever,

You need me I'm always here

Men killing their brothers

Nobody wants to go down alone

In this age of uncertainty

Love's worth more than gold

I'd sleep outside your window

If that would make you see

That I'm the only one for you

And you're the only one for me