See You Sometime

Joni Mitchell

Where are you now

Are you in some hotel room

Does it have a view?

Are you caught in a crowd

Or holding some honey

Who came on to you?

Why do you have to be so jive

O.K. hang up the phone

It hurts

But something survives

Though it's undermined

I'd still like to see you sometime

I'm feeling so good

And my friends all tell me

That I'm looking fine

I run in the woods

I spring from the boulders

Like a mama lion

I'm not ready to

Change my name again

But you know I'm not after

A piece of your fortune

And your fame

'Cause I tasted mine

I'd just like to see you sometime

Pack your suspenders

I'll come meet your plane

No need to surrender

I just want to see you again

We're in for more rain

I could sure use some sunshine on my apple trees

It seems such a shame

We start out so kind and end so heartlessly

I couldn't take them all on then

With a headful of questions and hypes

So when the hopes got so slim

I just resigned

But I'd still like to see you sometime

I'd sure like to see you

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