Mr. Greed

John Fogerty

Mr. Greed, why you got to own

Everything that you see?

Mr. Greed, why you put a chain on

Everybody livin' free?

You're hungerin' for his house,

You're hungerin' for his wife,

And your appetite will never be denied.

You're a devil of consumption

I hope you choke, Mr. Greed.


How do you get away with robbin'?

Did your mother teach you how?

I hear you got away with murder,

Did you do your mama proud?

Mr. Greed, why you got to take

More than you can ever use?

Bring 'em to their knees

Isn't it enough

Just to win while they lose?

You bring no honor to the game,

You feast upon the blood and pain,

But the bones you hoard

Can only bring you shame.

There's corruption in your path,

Be that your epitaph, Mr. Greed.


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