Lirik Lagu Quality Of Life

Joe Budden

Some niggas drink away the pain, I think away the game
And they have it so naturally, you think its pre-ordained
Staight for you grain, escaped from the ball and chain
can't tell if i was in it for the long hall of fame, wait,
trembling low in the alley, been learnt saying no is a talent
niggas want beef but keeping up is a challege

Cant tell if i'm tryna get even or find a balance.

But I'm much close i wont front,
hoes love it, so sober, yet he's so blunt.
a charming asshole want him all the same.
Tell him I feel the ice as its forming in my veins,
chasing my high so much that we both hurting

To the point its aint even about the other person, so even,
I am in love with her way and her pussy.
and she in love with the idea what i could be
On top of the world but desire to fall,
whats the point of dreaming big if you aquired it all?

But if, lyricism is back I helped to spearehead it
If we ordering Cl's make mine a year ahead
I skip the club line and don't get turned around
girls come at a high volume I don't turn them down
No pregnant hoes and no minors, everyone's bar and Em is the cosigner

Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu JOE BUDDEN

Joe Budden (born August 31, 1980 in Spanish Harlem, New York) is a rapper from Jersey City, New Jersey. In recent years he has come to prominence as one of the most skilled and sought-for rappers in the game, despite his best work being on the internet mixtape circuit.

His music initially gained popularity on New York City's famous mixtape circuit in 2002. Although his biggest mainstream hit to-date is 2003's up-tempo "Pump It Up," Budden is known for his reflective and often insecure lyrics. ... selengkapnya

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