Jimmy Eat World

Take...advantage of these times, you said

You let me down

It hasn't been the first time

As...I'm falling in the pit of fire

My mind's made up

I'm never coming back here


And how long would it take me

To walk across the United States

All alone?

The west coast has been traumatized

And I think I'm the only one

Still alive just a coincidence

To see you by

Yourself with no direction?'s time to move on and

Don't you know

That things aren't getting better


When the world caves in

What'cha gonna do?

When the world caves in

What'cha gonna do for me? (x 4)

(Don't try and stop me

Because I'm falling fast

Into this pit of fire

Which surrounds us all

In a blanket of fear

That I've been wrapped in for years?

Don't try and stop me

You can't stop me)