You Go First

Jessica Andrews

You're kicking tires, I'm sitting on the fence

Love's falling all around us and it don't make sense

How long can the two of us beat around the bush

We're right out on the edge but we need a little push

Dancing on the tightrope, wearing it thin

Instead of closing our eyes and jumping in


Do you want to kiss

Do you want to kiss

Do you want to kiss

You go first

You're dodging the moon and I'm playing it safe

Look what we're not doing, oh boy, what a waste

And what could be worse than never saying it at all

Is never knowing the feeling, never feeling the fall

What's it gonna take to get us both there

Can't you see what I'm suggesting, it's a double dare

(repeat chorus)

You start if you have the nerve

I'll trust my heart, but you go first

(repeat chorus)