I Like U

Jereena Montemayor

Hi, you′re sweet
And you're cute
I really wanna get to know youBut I′m shy
You are too
Why can't I just say I like you
Ain't no other boys who
Catch my eye the way that you do
I don′t know what to say
So please go easy on me cause...

Things just might work out
And that′s so great
I wanna be your happiness
Cause maybe I'm the best for you
So I′ll wait
Cause I know you're the best for me
Oh oh
You mean so much to me can′t you see
My heart is locked, but you are the key

Time's gone by
And nothing′s changed
I was hoping that you'd feel the same
It's just hard
To feel like this
I gotta go, but you will be missed

Cause I′m just like some others
Who won′t catch your eye the way that I should
I know this ain't easy
And this might sound a lil cheesy, but...

Things just don′t work out
And that's ok
I hope you find your happiness
Cause I just want the best for you
I swear
Even if that doesn′t mean me
Oh oh
You'll always mean a lot to me
Oh Oh
My heart is gone cause you weren′t the one