Tell me you want me
Tell me you miss me
Baby you know that I want youI′m reminiscing
Memories keep me up all night
Tossing and turning
Still wishing that you were all mine
Your love I am yearning

Baby I beg don't let go of me
The day that you left put a hole in me
You forever got a hold of me
Got me in the bag like some groceries
Since you′ve been gone I've been drinking up
Tryna' forget that I need your love
I put up a front like I′m over you
But you are the one I been thinking of
I wish you were here by my side
Want you for the rest of my life
Baby you get me so high
When I get lost in your eyes
Hoping and praying you come back
Stuck on my brain like a thumbtack
Make a U-Turn, baby run back
Make a U-Turn, baby run back
Oh run back to me

Fuckin′ with different hoes yeah
I was just tryna' fill the void
I wouldn′t get to close and
After I'd feel so paranoid
Only thing on my mind was you
No matter how many I′d slide into
The woman I want by my side is you
I wanna' spend my whole life with you
Baby, you got me forever
I know that I cannot do better
I know that you feel the same inside
And you still wish we were together
I could feel it in your energy
I could feel it when you′re texting me
You and I are so far away but I feel like you are next to me
I will never never let you go
No matter what I'll never fold
I could feel it in your soul
Your heart is worth more than gold
One of a kind, you truly are
Under the sky you're the brightest star
You are the light when my life is dark
You are the love of my broken heart
You stole my heart, you did

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