Only Alive

Jars Of Clay

i'm a fairwethered friend,
colourless few,
but i'm willing to make deal.

if you think you make,
some faith here inside,
i'll drive off and marry you.

i'm only alive with you,
i can't get by,
and i won't get through,
so put me in the river,
and let me say i do,
i'm only alive with you.

your a sight for sore eyes,
when the new born will cry,
in the year where there are so few,
if you throw me a line,
i'll show you inside,
i'm falling in love with you.


though my heart has been torn,
the loves i have worn,
and i'm tempted by them everstill,
i tremble insinde,
when you walk in the room,
and throw all my affections at will.

chorus x2