Just A Little While (Sing Radio Edit)

Janet Jackson

baby i like it when it feels this good you always sem to make me smile can't nobody do what you do when you love me just a little while i,i know you got somewhere to go i got somewhere to be right now i'll make em all wait all day long if you wanna get a little whil

i dont want to be a distraction to you (no no no)
so maybe i'll just lay around
play by myself while touching on my favourite fruit

cant stop thinkin 'bout the thing that we do
or how it feels makin love with you
i'm ready to get it baby
if you got it to dish out just love for a little while
i wanna make it like a dream for you turn every fantasy in to the truth you know i'll take it anywhere that you wanna go right now
to love you for a little while

i, i like sleeping in your clothes
to smell you makes it all come down
when i think about me and you
sometimes i get a little loud
baby i know we did it all night long and i didn't wanna burn you out cos you know how much i like to do it in the morning it's another round


my passion flows like a river that has no end
i wanna know everything you'll let me do to you
(tell me where you like it baby)

ooh ooh ooh

just love me for a little while
just love me for a little while

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