The Prophecy

Iron Maiden


Now that I know that the right time has come

My prediction will surely be true

The impending disaster it looms

And the whole of the village is doomed

Why won't you listen to me

It is so hard to understand

That I am the real seventh son

Your life or death on me depends

Suffering and pain impending disaster

Souls crying the devil's laughter

Heard the cry of the seven whistlers

Lucifer smiles looks on and waits

I'll take your life in my hands

Your fate your fortune's in my visions

Heed what I say and you'll see

What will be

Please listen to me

Now that they see the disaster is done

Now they put all the blame unto me

They feel I brought on a curse

Don't they know that the torment

It stays with me knowing that I walk alone

Through the eyes of the future I see

They don't even know what fear is

Don't they know I'm the one who is cursed

Purgatory beckons souls lost forever

Life after death or heaven hereafter

Heard the call of the seven whistlers again

Now Lucifer laughs hell awaits

I had their lives in my hands

Their fate their fortunes in my visions

No one believed in my true prophecy

And now it's too late

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