Iris Temple

Welcome to the theatre of my soul
Where projections of my memories are thrown up on the wall
Baby you should take your seat
Did you read the marquee?
Do you know what I'm about to screen?
These are my defining moments
My shining pride in total darkness
Witness all me feats
While your feet rub blue velvet carpets
It reminds you of an ocean don't it?
Is that the shadow of a shark
I will show you all my fears, and my distorted thoughts
Let me take you through my years
Looky here's my favorite part
When I finally got that gushy, and she tore up my whole heart
Baby this scene kinda long
When I was lost
I was ready for the fall
Now let the credits roll
Take a look down at the floor
That blue velvet gone
Replaced with moss upon a stone
You've been here for too long
Hope you enjoyed the show
Now head on home

It was just a night out at the theatre
A night out
A night out
A night out at the theatre

This is the arena of my dreams
I'm battling my demons while I sleep
Where my subconscious is king
I hear one voice jeering from the stand
Sing a requiem for me, the dreamer
Thought I recognized you from the theatre
You were sitting front row at the feature
You seem familiar
Like an old friend that I knew then
Like I see you from a new lens
Now I descend, and my head spins
And I wake up in a cold sweat, oh yes
Nigga wow, that dream was wild
Feel like I've been running miles
Like I've been gone for years
Maybe like a thousand
Like I done smoked an ounce of the strongest shit around
Baby this the shit that bounce, right?
Yeah, this the shit that bounce, right?

It was just a night out at the theatre
(Yeah, this the shit that bounce, right?)
A night out at the theatre