You Know I Love You Dont You


YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU...DON'T YOU?Howard JonesYou got the socket and I got the plugI am the floor and you are the rugI got the rhythm you got the beatWe feel it shake us from our souls to our feetAnd you know I Love youYou know I Love you...don't youYou got the metal and I got the dieWe make a structure that no one can denyI need you and you need meI need your honey like a flower needs a beeYou know I Love youYou know I Love you...don't youNo one is an island on that you can depend A person on his own is a sinking shipIt will be that way til the time will endNow don't you worry when things get toughWe'll stick together through the smooth and the roughYour the steam engine and I am the tracksRoll over me I'll be rolling right back 'cos