Where Will I Go


I've been feelin down but nobody knows
Oh where will I go, lord where will I go
Hey ya, I just wanna kill, I just wanna kill
Nobody knows what I feel, nobody knows what I feel
I said I just wanna kill, I said I just wanna kill
You can all burn in hellll, don't fuck with me

The world I live in was never a pleasant paradise
Bullies used to hassle me, then laugh cause I was scared to fight
I let the sun beam in on my skin, but I can't bare the light
So I reside on the side of life with nocturnal parasites
Treated unfair as an infant, abnormal characteristics
Waitin for terror to visit, as I stand there in the distance
Fuckin arrogant bitches, you were never there with assistance
Wish I could fly into the air with the pigeons
Let it begin, the story how I never fit in
While the popular kids would run around with seventy friends
I'm just a heavenly sent, waitin for the day that I rise
So I could take my aggression and maybe place it aside
I gaze at the sky with contacts placed in my eyes
Askin why do they only love me when my face is disguised
I'm still waitin for signs but I doubt I'm a ever get them
If I never see any proof, how can I represent them man


I do this because I know it's what I'm destined to be
I do this for the kids who were always messed with and teased
I do this for the ones who were told they'll never succeed
I do this for those who grew up as youn and restless as me
Ya'll would always drink and go party with your crew in the nighttime
Doin shit nobody would ever do in their right mind
Then when you got a little older you hit a fine line
With an accidental kid strugglin with a nine to five
You always thought that I was so stupid to write rhymes
Thinkin I would never make it and lose with the white eyes
But the formula I created proved I was Einstein
Now I've done more shit then you'd ever do in a lifetime
Since elementary, you'd belittle me, show no sympathy
Hurt me mentally, but you never had the sense to see
That your desire to be cruel, was fire to my fuel
Would inspire me to rule, the world until I was cool


I ain't gonna take your shit, I've already lost my mind, lost my mind
You drivin me crazy, so that it makes me cry, makes me cry
God if you exist then please send me a sign
Because all the rage that's stored in me is eatin me alive; help me out


Sometimes I wonder what the hell your problem is
Why must you love to see me this low
Won't you just let me live
Sometimes I wonder what the hell your problem is
Why must you love to see me this low
Won't you just let me live