Holly Dunn

He walked up to me at the honky tonk
Asked me how I'd been since he'd been gone
And had I found the strength to carry on
He hoped that I could forgive and forget
And could we still be friends I said you bet
While I wondered where and when we'd met
I hope that I once loved him like he claims
Yeah I never will forget whatshisname

It's right on the tip of my tongue and the edge of my brain
Wish I could feel the flicker of that old flame
He's awful cute he must've been worth the pain
Oh I never will forget whatshisname

As the waitress looked at his ID
I nearly broke my neck to sneak a peek
I kinda think his first name starts with B
He kissed my cheek and said goodbye
And told me I should call him up sometime
If I can ever leave the past behind
I said it won't be easy but I'll find a way
Yeah I never will forget whatshisname

Oh whatshsname...