Distant Riders

Henry Paul Band

Through the warm summer night
Before the firelight
There's a silhoutte of love
Upon my soul
I've been an outlaw in my past
And like things that never last
I'll hold on til tomorrow
Takes it's toll

Now I feel
The burnin' rays of morning
They wake me
From a long and restless night
A cloud of dust
Is rising without warning
Cause there's
Distant rider's in sight

Ooh, distant riders out on the run
Midnight flyer what have you done
They got you runnin' now
Out in the night
Now there's distant riders in sight

So I'm off and runnin'
In no direction
I'm invisible it seems
When I want you late at night
There's not a soul in sight
While I'm sleeping
I love you in my dreams

Repeat Chorus

I see those distant riders tonight

They'll never catch me
And baby that's a promise
While my love for you
Is still alive
They can chase me anywhere
But they haven't got a prayer
They don't know the strenght
Of love that lies inside

Repeat Chorus

I see those distant riders tonight
I'm an outlaw of love and flight


Within a year after leaving The Outlaws Henry founded the Henry Paul Band, debuting in 1979 with the album Grey Ghost. It included songs such as "So Long" and "Grey Ghost", which was dedicated to the memory of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant. The band recorded three more albums including Feel The Heat, which had more of a rock edge and included the title track as well as "Whiskey Talkin'." Their third album, Anytime, included the top-40 hit "Living Without Your Love" and live show highlight "Crazy Eyes. ... selengkapnya

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