Hell Is For Heroes

i've been looking for the questions

to the answers i've been fed

a banquet of lies

digested with a smile

i'm a captive in a hole

i'm gracious in defeat

take back the mic

turn off the light i stole

you're the captain of your soul

the master of your fate

i dreamt of being like you

so pure. so clean. so whole.

i just need one more chance

to rinse my eyes

and wash away my blindness

wash away my sadness

wash my dependence

wash away my fear

so i can give myself protection

when you put me down

so i can deal with disconnection

when i hit the ground

get resistance to the infection

that you spread around

so i can declare my independence

it's been so long so high

this wall i've climbed

so green so blue

so real, surreal

i'm home, i'm dry, i'm free

i've washed my hands of the future