Hed P.E.

I know your fucking with me

Fucking my brain

Fucking my friends

I know that you're no good for me

No you ain't never been straight

I got nothing but hate for you

I know that your full of sshh...

I know you got a man, still you looking at me

You know I got a girl, but you still looking at me

I know just what you want, just why you looking at me

Baby I got just what you want

Baby I got just what you need

I know that your full of shit

Come on, I'm no deaf or dumb

I'm not Little Stevie Wonder whatever

No more lies!

I been watching your eyes

I tried to hide

Tried to keep it inside

But I could not get away, can not stay away

Some one must pay

You think its funny huh?

You think I'm playing huh?

You ain't heard a word I was saying huh?

You forgot every motherfucking dog will have its goddamn day huh?

Well go ahead keep on laughing

Go ahead, keep on acting scandalous,

And watch how a real man handles his shit

You like that ...feels good huh?

Feels real good don't it?

Who you think you fucking with?

You thought I was stupid huh?

You thought I was crazy