Casey Jones Was His Name

Hank Snow

A long time ago
In a town in Tennessee
There lived a man
And he was great as he could be
By the sweat of his brow
He earned fortune and fame
Casey Jones was his name

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack
Over the rails he'd go
Clickety-clack, clickety-clack
Braving rain and snow
Ev'ryone knew three-eighty-two was his train
Casey Jones was his name

From Memphis, Tennessee
On that Cannonball Express
By the wining of the whistle
You could tell him from the rest
Past the old plantations
With their cotton and cane
Casey Jones was his name

(Repeat chorus)

Runnin' late thru Sardis
Past Winona on the fly
Like lightnin' chasin' thunder
Thru the stairways of the sky
When we heard his engine moanin'
And the story is claimed
Casey Jones was his name

Then on that fatal night
He made his final run
Near Vaughan, Mississippi
He knew his time had come
Too late he saw the (?)
Of an old freight train
Now a legend, Casey Jones was his name

(Repeat chorus)

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