Can't Have You Blues

Hank Snow

Hey, pretty mamma, I'm as blue as the skies above

Hey, pretty mamma, you're the only woman I love

And your daddy's gonna love you

But I just can't have you blues (honey, ease my mind)

You told me if I called you on the phone tonight you'd be in

What makes you tell me them lies when you know it's a dog gone sin

I guess I'll have to settle for

Them lovin' can't have you blues (she just wasn't there, that's all)

You may be havin' your fun you may be out on the run, that's fine

But a love like your's, baby, someday is bound to go blind

So come home because your daddy's got

Them love you can't have you blues (you gotta change your mind)

I've reached my verdict that you women are all the same

You run away and leave me then you say I got myself to blame

So come on back, daddy's got them

Love you can't have you blues (I'll never change my mind)

If I look at the wall that old wall looks back at me

Everywhere that I look it's the same old colour to me (blue)

So hurry home, daddy's got

Them love you can't have you blues

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