At The Rainbow's End

Hank Snow

I've traveled this whole world over

And now I'm goin' down

To the rainbow's end

From twilight till dawn

Trudging on and on

On my way to the rainbow's end

I'm weary and tired

But I don't care

I'm goin' down

To the rainbow's end

No friends, no home

Just travelin' alone

I'm on my way to the rainbow's end

They say there are treasures

Of silver and gold

Buried down by the rainbow's end

But the treasure I'll find

Will bring me real peace of mind

When we come to the rainbow's end

Down in the garden

There's a little white gate

Which most dream folks always attend

And just inside

There's a little path

That leads towards the rainbow's end

And down at the end

There's a sign that reads

Love that will never die

Now no one can travel

Up the path

No one but you and I

How I wish the little gate

Will open and that you might walk with me

Down to the end of that rainbow

To the sign on that old oak tree

And how I wish that your arms

Would hold me and that your lips

Might touch mine too

Cause I can't travel

Up that path

With anyone else but you

Say we can only stay for just a minute

And we must never go back there again

But we'd know the sign

On that old oak tree

And we could see the rainbow's end

Then we'd swing

The little gate shot again w

Wile the morning glorys would creep

And all of the sign's

Not old rainbow

We can have our hearts

For to keep

For someone has waited there

All alone

So I know at the rainbow's end

How it feels

To be pressed

To an angel's breast

When I come to the rainbow's end

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